Деловое письмо извинение образец

Разное Статьи, игры, видео. Юмор Приколы, статусы Курсы Курсы, обучение Example: 1. Hello, Dan I can't tell you how sorry I am for missing our meeting at the station. My boss wanted me to do an errand for him at the last minute and I had to get it done pronto! I hope I could make it up to you on another day, maybe we could have coffee? Can we meet up on Friday at 7 o'clock? Thank you for your understanding and patience. I look forward to seeing you soon. A family emergency came up which needed my immediate attention. Деловое письмо извинение образец would be better if I explain the деловое письмо извинение образец in person.



В заявлении указывают: 1 адресат должность, фамилия, инициалы руководителя организации ; 2 наименование вида документа; 3 дату; 4 текст и проставляют личную подпись.